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Snapr.pw is an alternative to Gyazo. Don't know what Gyazo is? It's a tool that let's you share a part of your screen. It captures it and automatically uploads it, and gives you a link that you can share with your friends.


Snapr.pw is free to use for everyone, and will always be free to use. We do offer a small premium package ($3 a year) for a few extra features like the ability to backup your images, delete them all or see statistics about them.

Latest news

5 years ago

Bigger server

Snapr has been moved to a bigger server because we ran out of resources. Also accounts has been added to keep your images private and access them all around the world.

6 years ago

Security and privacy updates

Made several changes that will result in a higher uptime, also renewed our SSL certificate to ensure your privacy.

6 years ago

Linux app

There is a .deb file available for Linux users. It does require ruby and imagemagick.


Snapr is free and will always be free to use, however developing this service and keeping it online does require a fair amount of work. If you want to thank us and support Snapr consider donating.

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